Massage Services

What I do


I provide complete or partial arrangements of massage services. I follow standards of 5 * hotels. 


 I do a short acupressure massage on a massage chair focusing on relaxing stiff muscles brought by the stress of attending social events.



I visit companies during work day for a corporate massage either on a massage bed with oil or acupressure massage on a massage chair to boost productivity, reduce stress and increase alertness of the employees..



I offer stress-free appointments at the comfort of your own home.



 With all massages I provide Face Mask, Hand Mask, and Foot Mask for free.

Lava Stone Massage 

60mins – 1600 Kc        90mins – 2200 Kc

This type of therapeutic massage is similar to a Swedish massage, only the massage therapist uses heated stones instead of or in addition to their hands. This massage is very effective for easing muscle tension, improving blood flow, and relieving pain. To intensify the soothing effects of this massage, we use scented oils that will further enhance the magic of the massage. 

Luxury Aromatherapy 

60mins – 2000 Kc        90mins – 2500 Kc

An extraordinary aromatherapy massage tailored to suit your body and your particular needs. It is a combination of the best techniques and grasps the therapist can offer. An unforgettable experience for your senses employing not just warm oils and doTerra aromatherapy oils, but also e. g. silk scarf, to ensure your maximum sensory enjoyment. 

Anti-stress massage

60mins – 1500 Kc        90mins – 2000 Kc

This gentler form of Swedish massage will pamper you by applying moderate pressure and finer touches. We focus on working with the body energies and inducing the wonderful feelings of a smoothly performed massage. During the massage, you can determine by yourself which body part you are feeling the majority of accumulated stress and what you want us to pay the most attention to.

Back and Neck – Office Therapy

60mins – 1500 Kc        

A combination of moves and touches that relieve tension in the back, neck, shoulder muscles, lumbar spine, and upper limbs. Office massage is suitable for those who have a sedentary job.

Deep Tissue Massage

60mins – 1500 kc        90mins – 2000 Kc
Deep tissue massage is kind of similar to Swedish massage. The only difference is in deep tissue massage you are working out deep muscle tension or aiding recovery from muscle strains. To get deeper into the layers of the muscles, the therapist must apply greater pressure, and this can cause some discomfort sometimes during the massage or after the massage. 

Hawaiian Lomi-Lomi 

60mins – 1500 Kc        90mins – 2000 Kc

Hawaiian massage is a magical sensory experience. This massaging technique involves continuous, rhythmic motion using fingers, palms, forearms, and elbows. The resulting impression is like feeling soft waves flowing through your whole body. This massage removes physical and energetic blockage and re-harmonizes the body. 

Thai Classic

60mins – 1500 Kc        90mins – 2000 Kc

A traditional pressure massage that is more active than other forms of massage. A natural therapy designed to reach flexibility, relaxation, and energy balance. Over a thousand-year-old traditional art of healing that combines acupressure therapy with whole-body stretching. It is based on Buddhism, yoga principles, and working with energy flows. 

Corporate/Office Chair Massage

60mins – 1700 Kc      

It is an acupressure massage that focuses on your neck, shoulders, and back while you are sitting on a specially designed chair and fully clothed. This quick massage usually takes 10-15mins relieves stress and promoting relaxation. A chair massage is a good option:
> for events to treat guests and
> for those who are new to massage.

Swedish Massage

60mins – 1500 Kc        90mins – 2000 Kc

It facilitates the perfect relaxation of muscles, manages minor tensions, helps improve blood circulation, and promotes the regenerative capacity of your body. Different massaging techniques focus on specific body parts or the whole body. This massage is ideal for people who are new to massage and those who have a lot of tension. Free: Face Mask, Hand Mask, and Foot Mask

Body Peeling Massage

90mins – 2500 Kc        120mins – 2800 Kc

Comprehensive and regenerative body care combined with a unique massage. The peeling removes dead skin cells, restores the skin, and prepares you for the subsequent healing oil massage with moisturizing effects. The massage revitalizes your tired body and releases nerve and muscle tension. Your skin will be silky smooth. 

Reflexology/foot massage

30mins – 700 Kc

Foot reflexology is an “acupressure therapy” that involves applying focused pressure to specific energy points present in the soles to cure or prevent disease. It helps establish a state of deep relaxation enabling your body to heal itself and work more effectively. This is ideal if you aren’t comfortable being touched on your entire body.